Order the day before, delivered free by bike the next day before 11:30 am. (minimum 70 €/delivery)

Hot dishes 10€

Penne pasta with carbonara sauce, bacon

Chinese noodles with chicken, satay sauce with peanuts 
Eggplant roulade, arugula, parmesan, herb coulis 
Vegan dish with rice, quinoa, lentils, vegetable coulis and sarasin balls  

Bami Goreng Stir-fried noodles with vegetables, eggs, fried onions and diced ham, coconut and peanuts

Tortellini with spinads and ricotta Smoked salmon, zucchini and parmesan

Boulets Liégeois Pork meatballs, sauce based on Liège syrup, carrot purée

Salad XL  9€

Caesar salad with chicken 

Nicoise tuna salad, mixed lentils 

Veggie salad with hummus, Greek pasta, vine leaf, diced vegetables

Vegetarian pasta salad with green pesto, mozzarella, tomatoes, eggplant, basil

Poke Bowl of quinoa, mango, edamame, fallafel, soy sauce

Vegan salad of cooked and raw vegetables, chickpea hummus (+1€)

Goat cheese salad, white cabbage, eggplant, granola (+1€)

Salad L 8€

Quinoa salad, lentils, cooked carrots and cashews

Quinoa with peas and feta

Salad S  3.80€

Beet salad, apple julienne and coriander 

Carrot duo salad (4€)

Greek pasta with smoked salmon, dill and lemon (5€)

Green lentils with flat-leaf parsley, tomatoes and cucumber

Toast 4,5€ / Baguettes 5€ / Wraps 5,5€

Tuna toast, hard-boiled egg, carrots and salad

Club baguette, ham on the bone, cheddar cheese, comcombre, carrot salad

Baguette with parma ham, tomatoes, mozzarella, arugula 

Baguette chicken meatballs, tartar sauce, carrots, salad and tomatoes 

Chicken, cheddar, tomato, salad wraps

Hummus, fallafel, red cabbage, carrot, spinach vegan wraps

Meetings mixt 8.5€/pp

Assortment of 2/4 baguette, 2/4 wraps, 2/2 milk sandwich

and 2/4 triangle sandwiches cut and served on a tray

Dessert 4.5€

Apple crumble and salted butter caramel 

Pecan nut pie

Tarte Tatin (apple pie)

Dessert  3.5€

Dark chocolate mousse 

Mascarpone mousse with speculoos 

Panacotta with red fruit coulis 

Fruit salad (+0.3€)

Mango salad (+0.3€)

Orders can be placed either

  • by phone (+32 476/97.52.67) 
  • by mail ( 
  • by Whatsapp (+32 476/97.52.67) 
  • An invoice can be sent to you by email on request.
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